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Mert Tanay, Founder

At Passion Fit Food, we believe in creating the highest quality meals with only using unprocessed ingredients and only want the best for our valuable health-oriented customers. We are aware that the option as such was not available in the vicinity. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide the East London community with the finest and most delicious meals available.


1. Why did you set up Passion Fit Food?

I have always enjoyed fitness and delicious food. Whilst working as a lawyer in the city, I found it challenging to get healthy food that would not only fulfill my nutritional needs but also up to my taste preference with reliable ingredients. I found most "health foods" available to be quite bland and uninteresting. I believe that food should benefit our lifestyles and nutritional needs with great taste that will also give joy and happiness. After all, we derive pleasure as we eat. Hence I created Passion Fit Food.   Why should healthy food be boring or bland! "Food is Molecular Happiness."


2. What's different about Passion Fit Food?

We ensure our passion is only delivering quality meals. Our ingredients have all been personally and painstakingly selected and sourced to ensure they are to the utmost quality. We produce and deliver our food freshly made on the day. All our marinates have been made from scratch using our own unique herbs and spices. We are constantly reinventing our recipes to include culinary delights from all around the globe. 


3. What does "food is molecular happiness" mean?

I firmly believe that food should be more than fuel for the body. There is so much evidence out there today revealing the benefits of healthy food going beyond just benefiting our physical health. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Eating well can help us obtain a healthy body, the enjoyment of taste should not be underestimated. With the right natural ingredients cleverly put together, delicious goods can take on the role of a mood lifter. That is why we believe that delicious tasty food, down to its molecule can make us happy by keeping us healthy. That's why our company's motto is "Food is molecular happiness". 

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